Commercial & Residential Property
Ivy growth can cause long term damage to mortar, rendering, pipe work, cabling, soffits, roof spaces and tiles, if left unchecked.
Trees and Shrubs
Once the Ivy roots have been removed we methodically unpick the network of Ivy growth.
Walls, Fencing and Hedges
Brick, stone and flint walls should have Ivy removed and eradicated from them before it is too late to avoid major damage or repairs

Carrington & Son Ivy removal and eradication in Kent

We have many years experience in successfully dealing with the removal and eradication of Ivy from properties, trees, walls and fencing, including from within sensitive conservation areas.

“Where there is a ‘problem’ with Ivy, we can resolve that for you.”

  • Overgrown areas
  • Mature trees and shrubs
  • Boundary walls, fencing and hedging
  • Residential, commercial, listed and historic properties

“In fact almost anywhere that Ivy has ‘taken over”

We will conduct a free, no obligation site visit to assess the nature and extent of the Ivy problem.  We will discuss the location of the original Ivy root and suggest the best plan for full Ivy removal and eradication to meet your requirements.