Ivy removal and eradication services

Ivy growth can cause long term damage to mortar, rendering, pipe work, cabling, soffits, roof spaces and tiles, if left unchecked.

Our approach is from the ground up. So, where possible we will dig out the Ivy root. However, should the root be inaccessible we would sever the plant at ground level and apply specialist chemicals to minimise any potential re-growth.

The existing Ivy growth will then be gradually unpicked and removed using a variety of specialist tools. We will always take into account the appropriate sensitivity to any building or structure.

Particular care and attention is taken at soffit level so no damage is caused to gutters and roof tiles and where necessary, scaffolding will be used in order to avoid any building damage.

Our Ivy removal and eradication procedure is always from the ground up. Once the Ivy roots have been removed we methodically unpick the network of Ivy growth. A heavy or long term infestation of Ivy can be incredibly damaging to trees and shrubs.

Our knowledge and experience has shown time and time again that heavy Ivy growth can ultimately lead to the demise, limb loss and even collapse of the tree.

Heavy Ivy growth on a tree can also cause a “sail effect” which the tree may be unable to counter. This can become extremely hazardous in high winds.

Sadly we see all too many Ivy infested boundary walls, fences and hedges.

Brick, stone and flint walls should have Ivy removed and eradicated from them before it is too late to avoid major damage or repairs.

Where an area is to be reclaimed or replanted we can undertake Ivy and fencing removal and full site clearance, prior to new works.

“We had a particularly virulent Ivy taking over 3 stories of our grade II listed house and we were looking for someone to remove it with care and empathy to the brickwork.  Neil Carrington came to our house to size up the job and spent a good hour with us discussing the various options.  After this first meeting with Neil we instinctively knew that he and his team were the company for job.  His approach to the job exuded an “old school” professionalism and pride in his team’s work and at every step of the process he sought our approval and direction.  Neil Carrington and his team did a wonderful job and we’d have no hesitation in using him again!”   Andy Brown, Charing, Kent (Listed Building)